1 To 1 Sittings.

I can visit your home if living in Hampshire England for a private sitting or Skype and Zoom is available if you live further away in England or abroad. If I am travelling and working in your home area I can arrange a private sitting for you, but you may have to wait depending where I am demonstrating at that time.

During the sitting I will connect with your loved ones bringing through messages to which they wish to communicate, if you would like to receive a drawing at the same time this can also be arranged.

The drawings of loved ones are A3 in size on professional art paper and drawn in pencil.

1 to 1 sitting mediumship only is £3O for 30 minutes.

1 to 1 sitting mediumship with Spirit art portrait is £60 for 45 to 6O minutes but has been known to go over this time. In colour pastels is £65

If you are having a face to face sitting it is payable at the sitting. If the sitting is through Zoom face to face sitting a payment can be arrange via Paypal . 

To book please contact me to arrange a suitable date and time.

Spirit Guides.

All of us have Guides and Guardian Angels who help us on our journey. Sometimes these Guides change along our journey,some remain with us for this lifetime.

A portrait of your Guide can help you to sense, focus and bond with that energy of that Guide in communication and your wellbeing this is very helpful if you are finding it difficult to see or meditate an image of one of your Guides. Those who are aware of their Guides are given that visual proof of confirmation.

It is not possible for me to request a specific person's Guide to come through I trust that my link with my Guides sends me the information and image for you to learn about your Guide at this time on your journey.

Spirit Guides      Drawings are in pastels  A3 size on professional artist paper 

                                                           Cost £70

Payment to be paid on the initial first meeting whether its face to face or on Zoom .

Cash or via Paypal.

If interested please contact me either email or by phone . An initial meeting or chat of approx 20 minutes first. The drawing is not done face to face and the finished portrait of your Guide can take a few weeks depending on my commitments on serving Churches and Demonstrations.



If interested in booking a private party in your home or a hall please contact me with details.


Workshops 2020

Due to the situation with Coronavirus the following workshops may not be held. I will contact everyone who has booked on the workshops and will refund . Thank You everyone and keep safe.